We've built a website for meeting interesting people around Boston in a way that's better than random chance

our startup wants to help you make one more close friend, while showing fun things happening around Boston

How Flapjacks Works

we summarize all sorts of local events and information, to help compatible people find with each other

you go to our website and tell us what you like about Boston
every day, the flapjack community shares their local finds (good eats under $10, weekend staycation ideas, unusual upcoming events, and many more) for you to discover and score based on what you personally like/dislike

once a week we match you with people who interact with similar topics
turns out the posts you score are a pretty good indicator of your personality - humor, beliefs, interests, stage of life - which provide strong signals of compatibility as you score more posts throughout the weeks (mutual topics also provide a nice starting point in conversations as ice breakers, to help skip past any awkward small talk)

we also invite you to an event that works with your schedule
we take the headaches out of planning, by matching the group's availability and suggesting an activity which we already vetted to be interesting - doing something fun should be as easy as getting a text message and responding "yes"

finally, we survey the group to understand who got along
we get smarter after every hangout - by sending a survey after events, we learn who mutually got along with each other, which becomes your friends list and helps us suggest better topics & people in the future

we launched our prototype in March 2019, and you're welcome to check out our progress

Meet The Flapjacks

when we're not whiteboarding in a poorly ventilated coworking conference room, you'll probably catch us at a Somerville pub interviewing people about their bff origin stories, infiltrating meetup groups to understand why only a third of rsvp's show up, or hosting friendship matchmaking events where people stay into the closing hours trading life stories

event planning • monetization • venue partnerships • foodie & friendships

product management • data science • crappy web app prototyping • cappuccino conquistador

Our Progress So Far

updated May 9, 2019
our current focus is to re-design the prototype into a city guide wiki + community ticketing app, and add more topic categories (including ambient noise spots to get work done, places to take classes / workshops, hangout suggestions that don't require spending $, and a few more)


people joined from Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville areas


posted topics that were similarly scored by at least two people (including this pirate ship restaurant across the Boston harbor)


hangouts scheduled, matchmaked by flapjacks

Other Projects

we do more than geeky app stuff (we also do geeky data stuff)

vacation friendship matches
what if you could do your travel bucket list, with people who appreciate those quirky spots?

predictive modeling
we're constantly tuning our matchmaking logic, and always happy to talk model features over coffee

research & focus groups
the science of social interaction is fascinating to us, so you're invited to join our next friendship chat

Friendship Vacations

Find your next close friend

There are friends out there just waiting to meet someone like you.

custom friendship matches
what if you could go on a vacation with new friends recommended just for you, who get your humor, values and priorities?

multiple vacation activities to choose from
we know you have preferences, so you can choose from different activities and groups of people to hang with! Change your mind while on the trip? No problem!

never be bored again
seriously, we bring the curated fun & games. hot pot hot tub night? urban hide & seek? bring it.

Trip #1:
Providence, Rhode Island
August 10-11


Wait, who are you people?

Flapjacks is a freshly launched Boston startup. We've got an app that connects you with friends who actually get you (going beyond mutual hobbies), + suggests activities and events to do together! We even take care of scheduling. Find more info on us here:

How are you guys different from Meetup or other social trips, etc?

We go beyond mutual interests by meeting with each trip attendee ahead of time to ensure they are a good fit for the community. We then match you with platonic friends to hang out with during the trip, based on things like sense of humor, complementary personality traits, values, priorities and current stages of life. Also, we develop our own twist on games that don't suck and help you get that "house party" vibe where you get to know someone and it's not awkward. Plus who doesn't like Flapjacks?!

Two tracks for fun, you can mix and match activities from both!

We've created two different ways to guide you towards the best activities, foodie spots, and other mischief! You can choose activities from both tracks, or just choose one that you love. Agenda will be customized based on the people who sign up, but here are some example tracks:

Party Track

For revelers who want to push the limits of a sleepy town.

Nightlife that doesn't stop until 6am, themed speakeasies, & shows at theatres that feel like your best friend's dilapidated basement.

Exploration Track

For swashbucklers who are looking to discover the culture & hidden gems of Providence.

Foodie spots, iconic architecture & ways to explore the city that you wouldn't find from a tour guide.

How much does this trip cost?

  • Sales from today until July 27: $250

  • From July 27 until the trip sells out: $300


  • Lodging

  • Transportation from Boston

  • Custom friend-matches for you

  • On-site trip leaders + insanely fun activities + free time

  • Breakfast, snacks & cocktails to enjoy at lodging